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Moments in the Word:  Inspiration, Encouragement, Motivation and Enrichment, was penned from the heart. 

The author's second book of inspiration and encouragement from the Word of God. I am grateful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit which inspired these scriptures and commentaries during Monday morning moments in the Word. A brief moment of dedication and commitment to praying for those in need, praising God for His tender mercies and sharing His Word.

The daily sacrifices we make to live our lives daily and lead productive lives as Christians, law-abiding citizens, the rich, the famous or just ordinary people, are sometimes overwhelming. But if we would just stop and dedicate a special time of day that we set aside to dwell in the presence of The Lord, to seek the face of God and to make each day matter to the fullest, then we would have realized the sacrifice of Christ who lived His life to be an example for us to follow – just to save us from our sins.

The book shares over 100 scriptures and brief commentaries supported by Bible-based scriptures from the KJV, NLT, NIV and Message Bible versions. 

Each section of the book is themed with Christian virtues and the Fruits of the Spirit.